About Beyond

Beyond is a strategy execution tool born out of three decades of experience advising business leaders across the globe. We’re passionate about developing the world-class frameworks they need to build better businesses. We created Beyond to help our clients lead the world while improving it.

Our Journey

Adversity + Agility = Innovation

2020: When Covid arrived we were working as strategic management consultants. Seemingly overnight, “workday” reality transformed. Businesses across the country were struggling to adapt to the new Covid reality – lockdowns, remote working, downsizing – and we quickly found ourselves spending 16+ hour days on Zoom calls helping our clients develop the strategic agility needed to successfully navigate the new, constantly shifting terrain.

It became untenable, fast. So we asked ourselves – and our clients – “What is THE single most important thing we can help businesses do right now?”

The answer: Enable courageous conversations.

The type of honest, open dialogue between team leaders that challenges SOP/BAU, promotes transparency and drives strategic progress.

We built a software tool to help businesses talk about mission critical issues, easily identify what is going right and quickly refocus around strategic priorities.

We named it Beyond because it enabled us to be more effective with our own time so we could help our clients regain more of theirs. For business leaders, time is the most precious currency of all so we decided to share Beyond and help them survive one of the most challenging business environments in recent history.

2024: Beyond is embedded in businesses across New Zealand – critically integrated into their tech stacks – and provides the core framework underpinning our consulting work.  

We truly believe that every single business that uses Beyond is more effective. Now we want to share it with the world.

– Logan Wedgwood & Uli Wiehle

Meet our Founders

Logan Wedgwood

Logan’s diverse career has spanned manufacturing, branding and design, marketing and advertising, IT, and record-breaking sales roles. What brings all of this together is Logan’s belief in working with people who believe in something he also believes in. As Managing Director of Advisory.Works – the Auckland-based strategic management consultancy – he empowers business leaders keen to reach their full potential using a unique mix of hands-on experience, proven frameworks and a guiding core tenet: ‘Listen to understand, not to respond’.

Uli Wiehle

As Director and Strategic Advisor at Advisory.Works, Uli is passionate about helping great New Zealand organisations become even better. He draws on over two decades of business experience, including 15 years as a managing partner and shareholder of leading German investor relations consultancy, Cometis AG. Uli prides himself on his ability to help business leaders set effective strategies and get their finances in line so they’re set up to make quick decisions and ‘think outside the box’.

Unlocking Success with Beyond.

At Beyond, we are dedicated to transforming the way you manage your strategy.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your strategy execution, have questions about our software, or need personalized support to get the most out of your Beyond experience, we’re here for you. Our team of experts is ready to assist you with all your enquiries.